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First of all, i dont know who bricker is, second of all, i didnt do it.
Rod, your "good friend" bricker ratted you out to me and I spread it
rodiekai stfu and get out of here
I remember someone blaming me, but i didnt?
It says i griefed warp wild, but i didnt?
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Quick Update & Welcome

lubin78 Admin posted Jul 19, 14
Hello, most of you know me after about 2 years of being with Drancraft.  If you dont know me, now you do. Im Lubin78 an Administrator for Drancraft. Feel free to call me Jake. If you have any issues you can ask me or any other staff in game or report it on the forums. If it is a issue that you want to ask me personally about feel free to contact me via skype: jake.lubin. Anyways I'd like to fill everyone in on some information. As Drancraft is still in its beta stage you can expect some new things and bug fixes. I know there are some donation issues but please be patient about that while we sort them out. You can expect Warp Mine and DonorMine to be completed shortly as well as /vote to vote for rewards and help our server grow! Drancraft will most likely be out of beta stage sometime this week! All of our staff are working very hard to please everyone. To wrap this up I'd just like to welcome all of the new Helpers to our staff team! Thanks for choosing Drancraft :)
JoshuaRyanG can i have my vet back plz
Racer859 could i have my imperator back plz
percy534 Hello Lubin, glad to see that the server is now back on its feet. If you would please restore my admin/op staff rank on ...

Drancraft Release!

narmoony Admin posted Jul 17, 14
I know, I know. Everyone has been waiting for this moment, but no need to wait anymore! Our StaffTeam has worked very hard and has finally finished this Drancraft revamp! The server is unwhitelisted, so please stop by for a visist, and stay awhile as there will be new kits, new pvp, and much more! I will also, in this post, mention what has been updated! 

-Kits have been slightly changed.
-Donator Perks were adjusted.
-Temporary Spawn has been instated.
-Some donator ranks were removed so if you were one of those ranks, you will be given the next best rank!

Be sure to connect! IP remains the same:!
kianator666 I did not pay 20.00 I paid like 80.. now I payed 50 2 days ago then 20 earlier updates when creative was here AND 20.00U ...
lubin78 Admin kianator, prices were changed. If you were ultimate ($20) you are moved to VIP which is also $20. If you were exalted ($ ...
kianator666 If a player was Ultimate (was 20.00USD) shouldn't he have the next best rank..

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