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how come i dont have carpet any more :( ?
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I used to have carpet
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Hello Everyone and Welcome!

NerdFuryz ao
NerdFuryz @ DranCraft
posted Mar 26, 14
In this post I will inform everyone of the new changes to DranCraft and the future of the server. First and foremost, I will now be doing regular updates and doing a clear on staff applications for more potential chances. The list of upcoming changes:

  • God Apples being removed with invisible potions to give strength 2 potions a more significant dominance in PvP.
  • Mine, Commandshop (Possibly change later), and repair signs being removed at spawn
  • Lag being reduced through the change to our new hoster.
  • Downsizing the economy
  • Updates to the website for a more clean effect
  • Advertising to bring the server back up to it's dominant player base.
  • Bounty plugin so you can set a bounty on the individual you want to kill
  • Changes to donation ranks
  • Changes to forums
  • Removing of unneeded plugins
  • Bans reset
  • Spawn and map reset
  • New PvP arena and Mythic Drops being nerfed
  • And among others that will be continued to be worked on
  • Possible mcMMO changes that will allow it to work
  • A look into the Bending plugin once more

These changes will be occurring as soon as possible and continual updates to make the experience even better will also continue. Happy Minecrafting!

raven_lord_6 @ DranCraft
God apples should be like normal golden apples but last longer so regen II for 25 seconds is a reasonable idea. Right?
lubin78 @ DranCraft
Personally, my opinion is that the mine/donor mine and having God apples AND potions makes the pvp more fun as well as m ...

New Spawn

Mr_Mindroan a posted Jan 24, 14
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr_Mindroan here. At 12:02 am today DarkBrykk and I completed another beautiful spawn for the server.

Please post in the comments any suggestions and/or opinions on the spawn.
Thanks, Mr_Mindroan 
Check out my Profile under Pics for screenshots of our new spawn!!!!!
Hello guys, my name is Backspace and I am the head administrator for DranCraft and am here to bring you our first monthly recap. I will be doing 1 of these every single month do update the players on the progress of DranCraft and to get players more invovled in the server. 

--December Update--
This month we have done a lot of performance issues related to 1.7 craftbukkit builds. 
We have also COMPLETELY reset the server. This includes Economy, mcMMO, Stats, Enderchest, /chest, and inventories as well as the map. 
With the 1.7 update of Minecraft, there are many new biomes to go and explore and tons of new block to experiment creating a base with. "New biomes, New Map, New opportunities" The Owner, NerdFuryz has done a ton of stuff for the server and if you see him online, thank him for all of it. 

1 last thing before I go is that we want to hear from you guys. What are some things that you would like to see be implemented into DranCraft? A new plugin? Anything. Post it in the comments below and we will take into consideration. 

Thanks again guys from all of the Staff here at DranCraft!
Have a wonderful Holidays and have a great New Year!
Gbro08 great! but send me money :3
zach129 I was told everyone gets un banned after every reset. Can I please be unbanned , I will be nice.
The new spawn for DranCraft as the first step to improve Drancraft was just added. The entire concept is a floating roman-like theme. We hope you guys really enjoy it.Believe it or not, Mr_Mindroan and I built the spawn in less than 24 hrs of building. The Drop Parties will from now on be at the new spawn. There are still a few bugs with it as in if you fall and you don't hit water, you're dead. :) These will eventually be fixed. 
Hopefully some new contests and such will be in the near future for you guys!
-BackspaceFTW (Admin)
-Mr_Mindroan (Admin)
EpicGammie12 I want to help build the spawn so mail me on the server if i can i would love it Thank you -Epicgammie12 Nice Spawn BTW
zizome We are waiting for u
zizome Poison play

DranCraft Feedback

BackspaceFTW a posted Oct 18, 13
As most of you guys already know, tonight at the Drop Party, I asked what you guys thought of DranCraft as of now and some of you said that it was fine but the older fans of DranCraft have said that it's gotten to be boring and not as enjoyable. 
As my job as one of the Admins is to make sure that the Server is fun and you guys have an awesome time. 
I have a few ideas of how I could help make DranCraft better and with your guys' help, this is be able to be made. I have played on a bunch of different servers and most of them have a lot of server events that they have the Staff are on and the players are on and they do Drop Parties, Treasure Hunts, etc. I feel that Dran really only has 1 thing that players and staff do together - Drop Parties. I want to change that. I would like to be able to have multiple events every week. 
Another thing is that I feel should be improved is the way how we manage plugins. I feel that there are a few plugins that don't really make sense and that we have no plugins that are considered "fun". I felt that the Zombie Apocalypse plugin was a good one that really put some danger into DranCraft. More of these "fun plugins" and things that add a different environment should be added to keep people constantly playing and having fun. 
Some other things that could implemented are a new PVP arena, possibly a new Spawn for each of the Holidays (1 for Halloween, Christmas, etc), and some other just new things and stuff that is completely new to all of us, free ranks for the months top voters, etc. If you have any other suggestions or ways you can help to improve some features on Dran, please comment and help us make DranCraft better and fun for all of you guys. 

-Thanks for reading and don't forget to comment down below your ideas. 

chrisangels I would like to become a higher ranking in staff. I'e been waiting months to become a moderator. I've been very loyal to ...
XDOG3 Put in the benders plugin
viola3629 x Could we start with halloween?
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